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Adapting to Change…Continuously!

There is much truth in the saying “It’s a jungle out there”, and winning requires adapting to change quickly and continuously. New technologies in the telecommunications industry emerge constantly, at a rapid pace, and it radically changes the world and the way we connect with it. Business operations are being transformed by disruptive technologies, workplace dynamics and cultures on a continuous basis, and mobility, collaboration and hyper connectivity are the driving forces behind the shaping of this new way of work. This increases the pressure on companies to change their approach to communication technologies and the way they do business to stay relevant.

“SS Telecoms understands that for businesses to fully tap into the immense potential offered by new technologies, a number of different tactics must be considered and it is our aim to help our customers to uncomplicate their communications solutions. In this business environment, SS Telecoms becomes the enabler of business, enabling businesses to adapt seamlessly to change through the customised telecommunication solutions we offer.”

SS Telecoms, the Chameleons of the Telecoms industry, has that ability to quickly and continuously adapt to the diverse and changing communication needs of our customers by offering cutting-edge electronic products and customised Telecommunication solutions that utilises our particular engineering and technical expertise.


SS Telecoms is at its core a Voice and Data Communications Value Added Distributor with exceptional technical skills. We are proudly South African with 29 staff and technical partners on a national footprint. We are proud of our growing African customer base and has built solid partnerships with major operators in sub-Saharan Africa.


Our objective is to manufacture and supply products that guarantee customer satisfaction at all times. From design and manufacture to distribution and implementation, all our practices follow stringent safety and environmental guidelines. The stability and reliability of our platforms are also ensured through ongoing R&D and careful field-testing.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

The management team and all our employees make it their personal responsibility to continuously improve their quality standards. Our staff constantly build on their knowledge and responsibility through constant training


SS Telecoms, a LEVEL 3 BEE contributor, strives to make a meaningful contribution to empowerment through its business activities and alliances with other empowerment groups. Our BEE compliance, Level 3 BEE, not only allows us to secure contracts with big industry names and large companies, but it also enables us to participate as a supplier in the lucrative chain of preferential procurement on a competitive and professional level in South Africa.

"We care about the society we work and live in, and we are committed to making a positive change in South Africa by embracing transformation in business and empowering greater black economic participation"

We work to provide a safe and supportive work environment that fosters personal growth among all staff members.

Our social responsibility initiatives include aspects such as:

  • Study grants for employees and their children
  • Donations to welfare organisations, where the company matches employees’ contributions
  • Donations to various HIV institutions
  • Environmental Responsibility. As part of our quality philosophy, all equipment is used with care in order to save as many resources as possible in the manufacturing of our products, and we use energy as economically as possible to avoid waste.

“Our vision is to be a positive influence in the greater community”

Our Hudaco Membership

SS Telecoms is a member of the Hudaco Group.

Hudaco, a South African group specialising in the importation and distribution of high quality branded automotive, industrial and electrical consumable products, mainly in the southern African region, sources branded products, mainly on an exclusive basis, directly from leading international manufacturers and to a lesser extent from local manufacturers. Hudaco seeks out niche areas in markets where customers need, and are prepared to pay for, the value Hudaco adds to the products it distributes. The value added includes product specification, technical advice, application and installation training and troubleshooting, combined with ready availability at a fair price. The group has a network of specialised branches and independent distributors throughout southern Africa to ensure product availability to its customers. With the exception of DD Power, in which Deutz AG has a 30% share, all Hudaco businesses are 15% owned directly by BEE shareholders. Read more about our parent company Hudaco