B600 Micro In-Line UPS – Loadshedding is Back!!

B600 Micro In-Line-UPS

Working from home has it’s challenges, but not being able to connect to the internet due to load shedding should not be one of them. B600 Mini In Line UPS Stock on Hand

The B600 Micro In-Line UPS Business / Residential Continuity device ensures your WIFI/LTE router & fibre ONT stays connected for up to 8 hours.

Whether you want to avoid the inconvenience of having your access to e-Commerce halted, or just want to maintain connectivity, our B600 Micro In-Line UPS Business/ Residential Continuity Device is your answer.

B600 Mini In-Line UPSFeatures:

  • Portable • With Lithium Battery
  • DC 12V Output
  • Input Voltage: 100 – 240VAC
  • Built-In protection with input & output over voltage protection and over charging and over discharging protection.




B600 Mini In-Line UPS Power SupplyConnections to power supply and output to devices

Please note that this model does not include any power supply. This model can be powered by a 12V (up to 2.5A) PSU to charge the device.

An example of power supply will be to plug your ONT/Router power plug into the UPS and use the Stepdown cable to connect your ONT/Router and any other devices (IP camera, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) you may want to connect to the UPS.


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