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BDCOM is a leading manufacturer of fibre and copper networking solutions. BDCOM’s switches, routers and EPON/ GPON solutions have been widely applied and implemented through their global footprint of over 4 continents. They offer diverse product lines for both entry level and high-end networking applications and are known for their quality and affordability. Apart from xPON, they have a full range of 10G fibre switches, 10/100 and gigabit POE switches and small office/ home office routers. SS Telecoms keeps ample stock on BDCOM hardware to ensure that your network is always on and your customers are always happy and connected.

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BDCOM GPON 08 Port L3 Headend (OLT) for FTTx BDCOM-GP3600-08

BDCOM GPON Subscriber (ONU) WiFi, 2x Gbps ports


BDCOM XPON Micro Subscriber (ONU)


BDCOM 6-Port 10/100 POE switch


BDCOM 10-port 10/100 POE switch







BDCOM is one of the most cost-effective networking solutions available. Become a SS Telecoms Strategic Partner and get access to the latest BDCOM price list.

  • OLT (Optical Line Terminal) this equipment integrates layer 3/layer 3 functionality into your PON solution. The function of an OLT is to control information across the fibre network, both upstream and downstream and distributes the fibre from the service provider, towards the subscriber and back again.


  • Optical Splitter-The function of the optical splitter is to split the wavelengths from one fibre core into several fibre strands. This happens on separate transceiving and receiving wavelengths coordinated by the SFP module.


  • SFP module – this device enables the laser from the OLT to be split into Rx and Tx wavelengths. 1490nm is reserved for downstream traffic whilst 1310nm is reserved for upstream.


  • ONU (Optical Network Unit) this unit is normally located at the end-users’ premises and is where the fibre light is converted into electrical signals to be distributed by Wi-Fi.

128 splits are maximum for GPON and 64 splits for EPON. It is important to note that many ISPs use maximum splitting capacity per port as signal lost must be factored in every time the fibre is split.

EPON has a symmetrical makeup and is comprised of 1.25Gpbs on both upstream and downstream. GPON, on the other hand, is slightly larger on downstream capacity with 2.5Gbps being made available but remaining at 1.25Gbps on upstream. Both solutions have the flexibility of offering symmetrical or asymmetrical packages. Bandwidth control happens on the OLT.

BDCOM has a free NMS and it offers web-based management and network-wide remote discovery and configuration of all BDCOM devices such as OLTs, ONUs and switches.

BDCOM’s PoE switches can power a variety of devices such as Uniview IP surveillance cameras, Grandstream VoIP Phones and Wi-Fi Access points. 

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