Billion M120N LTE Router Product Release

Billion M120N LTE Router

LTE Industrial / In-Vehicle Multi-Carrier Router Billion M120N

The food truck business has transformed the traditional restaurant and catering business and is estimated to generate over $1 billion in annual revenue globally. Nowadays, social media is one of the essential factors to captivate and to engage with the audience and the community for food entrepreneurs. Making use of social media opportunities in time to connect with customers has increased the customers’ loyalties and the overall shopping experience. At this point, reliable and stable communication equipment defines competitive advantages for food truck suppliers. We launch the Billion M120N designed as an in-vehicle LTE router for food truck operation system solutions.

In addition to LTE broadband connection, Billion M120N provides dual-SIM redundancy and VPN, delivering a stable, secure network with encrypted connection for online payment and Wi-Fi Hotspot to attract crowds.

Billion M120N GPS real-time tracking LTE Router

GPS real-time tracking provides the location of the food truck. The GPS positioning system can further cooperate with the system supplier’s interactive food truck maps to keep followers informed of your location through social media feeds. What’s more? Billion M120N supports a Captive Portal function that can deliver advertisement to customers who are using the Wi-Fi Hotspot of food trucks and create a smaller niche network to retain new customers.

Billion M120N creates a separate public network and that the food trucks’ customers can leverage the Wi-Fi Hotspot at any time without worrying about unsecured networks.Billion M120N LTE devices

In addition, Billion M120N has a flexible power input DC 10V~56V and ignition sensing; with these two functions, Billion M120N is suitable for any type of vehicle and can be automatically turned off to avoid vehicle’s battery draining. Billion M120N can work with Billion CMS (Central Management System), a centralized management system, to monitor the performance of various Billion M120N devices.


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“The Billion M120N is the latest add to our in-vehicle networking product series that can enhance the customer experience of food truck business”, said Ted Ho, Chief Technology Officer of Billion Electric.

Billion M120N LTE Router

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