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At SS Telecoms we value the needs of our customers and we understand that our Dealers are constantly on the go and need access to products quickly and efficiently. For that reason we keep stock of most of our fast-moving lines in our warehouse at our head office. We deliver products throughout Africa and other parts of the world as well.


Don’t let frustrations such as poor voice quality, voice ready networks, solutions planning and development, and customised unique solution design keep you from giving your clients only the best! SS Telecoms has the expertise and skill necessary to ensure successful deployment and continuous scalability. We’ll make sure that your environment is ready, by conducting thorough environmental and voice readiness tests and help you choose the right last mile connectivity. We offer customised solution design according your unique needs, as well as ongoing post installation support and training. We have the ability to define and determine the best possible product for your unique environment. This could be either a hosted product (private cloud), or a PBX placed in your offices (premise-based environment).


When it comes to the hospitality industry, repeat business matters – a lot, and repeat business comes from happy customers! Whether it is a hotel, or a guest house, or any business offering guest marketing services, customer satisfaction is extremely important. For customer experience to be enhanced, businesses in the hospitality industry require a sophisticated, user-friendly communication solution that integrates seamlessly into the business processes, supports employees in their day-to-day tasks, increases productivity & service quality, while at the same time keep operational expenses to the minimum.


Your customers don’t have to place unnecessary, additional stress on their support resources when they implement their UCaaS strategy. We understand that integration into their business processes is important to them and that they want their UCaaS solution to work smoothly with their back office. That’s why we’ve appointed highly skilled and certified partners to architect and deploy sophisticated custom solutions. Continuous support and training provided by SS Telecoms ensures successful partner growth, because we ensure our partners stay current in terms of certification and training.


Is poor connectivity eating away at your profits? The latest products available through SS Telecoms is the solution to your frustrations!  We specialise in providing you with state-of-the-art Fixed or Mobile LTE technology, from the young professional to corporate entities requiring LTE SIP and Data connectivity for their IT Network. SS Telecoms offers telephone and broadband solutions with a mix of traditional, radio, superfast and ultrafast broadband connectivity technologies. Why settle for less if you can have the best?


Building the right wireless solution is not as straight-forward as it may seem. The devil is literally in the details, ranging from line of site surveys, interference of channels – frequency channel spacing & bandwidth calculation, how to calculate data loss, to quality of service – mixing critical with non-critical environments (voice vs data and latency). SS Telecoms offers the right product matched with the right skills to deploy both indoor and outdoor wireless solutions, pre-installation configuration, post-installation configuration support, as well as ongoing support and training through certified training programs.


Fibre technology plays an important part in providing higher bandwidth for our Local Operators and ISPs. Included in FTTx (Fibre to the X) are the many variants of fibre optic access infrastructure: FTTH (Fibre to the Home), FTTN (Fibre to the Node), FTTC (Fibre to the Curb), FTTB (Fibre to the Building), and FTTP (Fibre to the Premise). SS Telecoms provides the latest Fibre solutions to keep you connected. In addition, we provide training, pre-and-post configuration, installation, post installation support and customisation according to your needs. Basically it means we can provide the full service or only part thereof, depending on your business requirements.


IoT solution development and sales cycles are too long due to the complexity and time it takes to build a simple IoT project or prototype. The SSTelecoms suite of IoT solutions for Agriculture, Hospitality, Server rooms, Pest control, Security, and Refrigeration simplify the development of IoT solutions in every phase of the process. We offer you a choice between designing and building your own personalised IoT solution or purchasing an already built solution off the shelf. Alternatively, if you already have your own IoT devices and you are looking for a provider to integrate, monitor and manage your devices, look no further. It’s no secret that manual monitoring puts organizations at greater risk than automated monitoring. Don’t risk losing money in costs associated with manual monitoring. Talk to us about the robust monitoring systems and turnkey remote monitoring solutions we have available