Feeling Vulnerable And Exposed During Lockdown?

Feeling Vulnerable And Exposed During Lockdown


Using the Internet without a VPN is a bit like sending postcards. As your data gets passed between servers, it can easily be intercepted and looked at by people it isn’t meant for. Additionally, everyone can see it was you who sent it.

You may not care whether hackers can see that you’re watching funny cat videos. But when it comes to your personal information, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Due to the Lockdown, many of us are now required to work from home. As companies do not have access or control over their staff’s home networks, sensitive business information is now at risk of leaking and your Business IP are potentially exposed.

That’s where a VPN comes in. Because it uses encryption, it’s more like sending your data in an ultra-secure package which only the intended receiver can open. If someone tries to peek at your data, they’ll just see a jumble of encrypted information. And because a VPN masks your IP address, the receiver will have no idea who sent the data.

The Billion BiPAC 78xx Series of BroadBand Routers is geared to provide you with all required security measures on protocols to ensure your business can continue to function from anywhere, ensuring you peace of mind and business as usual.

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