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Gear Your Business For The Future With Grandstream Solutions From SS Telecoms

Give your office the facelift it needs to gear it for the future. Throw out the outdated analogue phones, the kilometres of old and unnecessary cabling, and desktop clutter. There is a new horizon of unified, communication platforms. Gear your business for the future with Grandstream’s suite of communication solutions from SS Telecoms. These solutions range from web-based video conferencing through to facility access systems.

Video conferencing has become the go-to solution to host meetings, conferences, and interactive webinars. With Grandsteam’s IPVideotalk cloud platform, your business can have a full web conferencing solution that caters for up to 49 video feeds and 500 participants– and there is a free plan to try out! Couple IPVideoTalk with Grandstream’s GXV series of IP video phones. These are powerful Android devices that feature built-in cameras and offer full access to the many Android apps on the market. These sleek phones have built-in Wi-Fi support for easy deployment and support for three-way video conferences with other GXV devices or SIP video devices.

Mobile devices are at the forefront of communications due to their accessibility and convenience. Grandstream’s range of DECT and Wi-Fi cordless IP endpoints are adaptable for seamless migration between the office and home environment.  Both the DP and WP series serve as active remote extensions of the office PBX when paired with the UCM series of Grandstream PBXs. The award-winning Grandstream UCM IP PBX series offers an advanced set of features with no licensing fees, and supports from 500 users, all the way up to 2000 users on the UCM6510 series. Making it the perfect anchor of any communications network solution.

The range of Grandstream desktop IP phones are user friendly and versatile, catering for all tastes and preferences featuring next-generation solutions for remote work and management. From the basic GXP 16xx desk phones that easily adapt between the office and home, to the GXP1700 series of mid-range IP phones and GXP 21XX series of high-end IP phones with advanced telephony features and support for Grandstream’s GSAffinity desktop app – a free desktop companion that integrates with the Grandstream 21XX and 17XX series of IP phones for added functionality. There is onboard monitoring via BLF for real real-time updates on the status of the IP phones, such as available, busy or do not disturb and integration support for CRM, API and PMS systems. For those who look to deliver effortless performance in high call volume environments, such as virtual call centre management with remote workers logged into the queue to serve customers effectively from home. The GRP 2600 series of gigabit IP phones is the perfect fit. GDMS cloud and open VPN make for hassle-free remote provisioning and management. The Grandstream Wave app is a terrific solution for remote workers making and receiving work voice and video calls using their various mobile devices.

Keep everything connected with Grandstream’s powerful Wi-Fi access points, which offer high-performance networking, tremendous Wi-Fi coverage range, fast and easy provisioning, and management, thanks to a built-in controller. This means outstanding network throughput and support for a large number of clients per access point. These access points provide enterprise speeds when paired with Grandstream’s WP range of Wi-Fi phones. These support an onboard controller using GWN7000 router for easy deployment and cloud management via a GWN cloud controller.

Moving into the cloud, Grandstream’s device management system (GDMS) is a zero-touch cloud provisioning and management system that provides easy-to-use enterprise-level tools to provision, manage, monitor and troubleshoot Grandstream products from before and after deployment.

The Grandstream series of facility access systems track and manage access to any physical building. It also provides dedicated audio and/or video intercom. This offers powerful integration with the Grandstream full solution portfolio. Users can pair and manage up to 50 different GWN access points using one GWN access point controller.

Under SS Telecoms’ porfolio, the Grandstream suite of telephony solutions – from the no longer humble PBX for multiple branches to the VPNs for remote employees, phones and Wi-Fi solutions all enable you to build a communication network for the future.