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Grandstream Networks is a manufacturer of voice-over-IP (VoIP), video communications (VC) and IP networking technologies. Their extensive product offering includes SIP IP Phones, FXS and FXO VoIP Gateways, analogue telephone adapters (ATAs), video conferencing solutions (GVC series), access control devices (GDS series), Wi-Fi access points (GWN series) and IP-PBXs (UCM series) which facilitate and manage unified communications for SMB and large enterprises.

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Grandstream DECT (Base Only)


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Grandstream 2-Line Desk Phone


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Grandstream HD USB binaural 


Grandstream FAQ's

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Since Grandstream UCM IP-PBXs are SIP-based, they can integrate with any IP-phone that supports the SIP protocol.

Provisioning is a process where all the necessary primary settings are applied to a device to prepare it for first-time use. Grandstream’s SIP devices can be configured through the web interface as well as the configuration file through TFTP or HTTP/HTTPS download.


All Grandstream SIP devices support a proprietary binary format configuration file. New product families such as GXP21xx/14xx/11xx, GXV31xx, HT50x and GXW40xx accept configuration files in XML format in addition to the legacy proprietary binary format.

TR-069 is a protocol for communication between CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) and an ACS (Auto Configuration Server) that provides secure auto-configuration as well as other CPE management functions within a common framework. Grandstream devices do support this protocol.

Grandstream manuals are freely available at

To update your Grandstream firmware, please visit 


Unzip the firmware file and put all of them under the root directory of TFTP server. If you do not have one, you can download the free windows version TFTP server here:


Change the TFTP server’s default setting from “Receive Only” to “Transmit Only”.

Put the computer and Grandstream products in the same LAN segment to do upgrading.

All Grandstream devices can be managed remotely by using the free cloud-based management platforms. E-mail support@SS or dial 0126570960 to enquire about your device.

Call recording is supported by all models of the Grandstream UCM series of PBXs.

Yes, you can apply a Black/White list by following the steps below:


  1.   Create a MAC list in Clients→ Client Access.
  2.   Connect to the GWN AP’s Web GUI and go to Network Group
  3.   Edit or create a new Network Group, and go to Wi-Fi
  4.   The Use MAC Filtering option is set to Disabled by default, users can choose


Whitelist or Blacklist, then check the MAC list configured in step 1 to apply.

The Grandstream UCM series of PBXs can integrate with ZOHO, Mitel PMS, Vtiger and Salesforce CRM systems.

When paired with Grandstream IP-Phones or the GSWave app, the Grandstream UCM series can communicate using virtual private networks to securely connect the IP-phones and cell phones to their extensions on the UCM PBX.

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