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Product Configuration Made Easy with SS Telecoms

Customising pre-configuration services with your supplier is one of the best methods to ensure maximum productivity and reduce unnecessary downtime with new hardware purchases. Nearly all IP communication devices require an initial setup to install the essential software needed for the device to run and optimal efficiency. Businesses have been known to face significant downtime and a loss in productivity when purchasing new hardware. 


Business partners can now buy selected products pre-configured out of the box.


SS Telecoms pre-configuration services are easily accessible from almost anywhere. Whether you make your purchase online or directly from our sales experts, you’ll never have to worry about the back-and-forth hurdles of getting your products set up. You can simply provide us with your setting preferences with any order, and our technical team will have your device configured and ready for use within hours.


Pre-configuration services eliminate the downtime risk when workers receive new hardware. With the setup complete, staff won’t lose any of their working day when the hardware arrives and can launch straight into installation without wasting a second!


You can visit any of our branches for assistance or email us at .

Get your pre-configuration done today when you purchase any active IP product or 012 664 4644 for more information.