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Gigabit IP Phone with Touch LCD and Dual USB Ports

The Yealink T48U Gigabit IP phone is the flagship device in the new Yealink T4U series of phones, offering the ultimate range of features, functionality and performance.
The premium look of the Yealink T48U is encapsulated in the 7” colour touch screen, which not only looks great but also adds great practical value when receiving and managing calls.
The T48U comes standard with two USB port which expands the number of accessories available for use with the phone. Support for a USB flash drive enables call recording directly from the T48U, while the addition of the WF50 USB Wi-Fi dongle simplifies cable-free connections.
The Yealink T48U supports dual firmware images, meaning you are protected from damage due to failed firmware upgrades in the future.
Turning the T48U into a high performing reception phone is as easy as adding up to three EXP43 expansion modules which make call handling quick and easy.

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