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Premium Range IP DECT Base Station with W56H Handset

The Yealink W60P IP DECT phone combines both the Yealink W60B base station and W56H handset into one convenient package, with the option of adding up to 8 handsets to one base station. DECT remains a highly secure and reliable method for communication on the move, with the latest generation of Yealink DECT devices taking this a step further. The included W56H handset utilises Lithium batteries to provide extended talk and standby times, while quick charging means you won’t be left stranded without a phone, even in the busiest environments.
The Yealink W60B base station provides a wide coverage area and is ideally suited to large open plan offices or warehouses, while the option to dd a 3.5mm headset means calls are audible, even in noisy environments. Empower employees with the freedom of movement they need, with Yealink’s W60P VoIP DECT phone.

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