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About SNOM

Snom is an international premium manufacturer of innovative devices and boasts high-quality VoIP solutions. They are recognised for its high-quality audio, excellent and intuitive call management as well as stylish designs that are suitable for any business environment.


Since developing their first desk phone in 1999, their product offering has greatly expanded. In addition to their desk phones, they also offer wireless DECT handsets, both single- and multi-cell, that encourages workplace mobility, conferencing systems that will optimise any business environment as well as broadcasting solutions, headsets and accessories.

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SNOM M25 Office DECT SIP Phone Incl. Charging Base


SNOM M900 Multicell DECT Base Station


SNOM M65 Professional DECT SIP Phone with Charging Base


SNOM D712 4-Line Desktop SIP Phone


SNOM D735 12-Line Desktop SIP Phone


SNOM C52-SP DECT Extension Speaker w/ Built-In Battery


SNOM C520-WiMi 3-Line SIP Conference Phone


SNOM D713 4-line Desktop SIP Phone


SNOM D715 4-Line Desktop SIP Phone


SNOM PA1, SIP 48V PoE Paging Amplifier


Snom M90 Anti-Bacterial DECT SIP Phone w/ Charging Base


Snom M80 Ruggedized DECT SIP Phone w/ Charging Base


Snom DECT USB Adapter


Snom FAQ's

No, the M300, M700, and M900 are designed to provide advanced mobility features (M700) like roaming and seamless handover. 3rd Party DECT devices are not compatible with the Snom DECT solution.

If you are building a mixed system from scratch, you’ll first need to configure at least one M700 to start the multicell as the primary device. The M900 can then be included as a secondary device in the multicell.

If you are adding a base station to an existing system, you need to make sure the M700 keeps the primary role: if you enabled the automatic configuration of the DECT tree (which is enabled by default), the system will balance itself and keep an M700 as a primary.

If you disabled the automation and configured the DECT tree manually, make sure to never set an M900 as a primary to avoid any issues.

Only use disinfectants that are based on Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) up to a concentration of 99%. The use of disinfectants that contain other active ingredients can damage the device.

Apply the disinfectant to the body of the device and the keypad.

Wait for 1 to 2 minutes, then remove the disinfectant with a dry and clean cloth. 

Note: Only the Snom M80, M85, and M90 can be treated with disinfectant agents, all other Snom DECT handsets are not resistant to any disinfectants.

The display cover is not resistant to the disinfectant agent, only apply the solution to the keypad and the body of the device.

Currently, all Snom products are not yet compatible with Microsoft Teams. However, it is possible to connect the C520-WiMi to the laptop via Bluetooth and to establish a connection between the participants on-site and the participants of the MS Teams session.

If the connection is disconnected during a call, nothing happens. The call is neither put on hold nor terminated. It simply continues to run. After reconnecting, the call can be continued.

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