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In today's global economy, communication has only increased in importance to businesses, yet traditional

communication systems are often complicated and expensive to maintain. The answer lies in adopting a hosted telephony solution, which does away with the need for expensive hardware, separate Internet and phone lines and on-site technicians.

It is, in fact, no less than the next generation of communication systems, improving, simplifying and unifying communication, while delivering a feature-rich solution directly over an Internet connection.

Why pay through the nose for on-site communication technology when you can implement a cost effective solution that nonetheless delivers the same quality and features that were previously the domain of only the largest enterprises?

Our hosted telephony solution enables you to obtain significant cost savings on your communication technology, is simple and quick to install and enables the dynamic management of multimedia interactions, enhanced workforce mobility and improved security, while also offering broad integration to existing systems and end-user devices that drive businesses. In effect, it delivers Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS).

UcaaS provides for communication through multiple devices and device types and can take your business to the next level, by enhancing business communication, collaboration and productivity.

How does it work?

We utilise Mitel technology as the foundation of our hosted telephony solution – Mitel is the market leader in virtualised Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions – and the hosted voice and data services we offer will allow customers to benefit from IP communication without losing their existing investments in traditional telephony.

We differentiate our solution by delivering the highest quality connectivity to both the cloud, where the solution resides, and the local area network, which your people connect through.

Rich communication capabilities can be fully embedded within key business frameworks, such as Salesforce and Google, which drives workflow process efficiencies in communications and client interactions.

Furthermore, each customer is provided with a private cloud deployment for maximum security and which will allow them to tailor features that are unique to each application. Advanced monitoring with a proactive response service is provided as a standard to all customers, and our service teams respond quickly to any moves, additions or changes requested by clients.

SS Telecoms offers tailor made hosted voice solutions leveraging Mitel technology, thereby providing our customers with all the benefits of using Mitel’s Unified Communication and Contact Centre features such as:
  • Mobility: The mobile-first design of the solution ensures mobile users gain the same high functionality as at the office.
  • Unified Messaging: Whether basic voice mail or advanced unified messaging, the solution increases personal productivity and improves accessibility.
  • Remote Working: A plug-and-work solution offers the ability to work comfortably, effectively and securely from anywhere.
  • Contact Centre: It allows for the effective and efficient management of contact centres for both small and large applications, reducing costs, intelligently servicing contacts across multiple channels, and letting agents focus on interactions.
  • Business Telephones: Designed for the individual user to support both standard and speciality applications, these provide essential business collaboration tools with presence integration.
  • Professional and Managed Services: Providing access to the skills needed to assist you in every stage of implementation and throughout the life of your solution.

It is clear that the demand for value added voice and data services is increasing exponentially. Our hosted offering provides the perfect answer to this dilemma, delivering an outstanding user experience, world class reliability, robust system features and premium customer service.

What are the benefits?

  • Exceptional user experience
  • Robust system features
  • End-to-end service
  • Easy switch-over and provisioning
  • Easy to deploy, use and manage
  • Business communications continuity
  • Highly flexible, reliable and secure
  • Premium customer service
  • Add new features with no impact on IT
  • Maintain financial flexibility
  • Best value for your investment