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A switch for every application

Fibre rollouts come in various shapes and sizes, from small private estate developments, commercial parks, and campuses to large municipal deployments. Switches are the crucial building blocks for any network – fibre or otherwise. These devices connect multiple devices on the same network, such as wireless access points, servers, computers, and printers.


BDCOM, available from SS Telecoms, offers reliable, highly scalable, and cost-effective FTTX solutions and high-performance, affordable multi-gigabit switches. BDCOM’s trusted switches are deployed across small or enterprise-scale applications.


BDCOM’s most popular solution is, without a doubt, passive optical networking (PON), which comes in two sizes – Ethernet passive optical networking (EPON) and gigabit passive optical networking (GPON). To meet these two technologies, BDCOM has an extensive choice of switches to fit any price point.


Underlining BDCOM’s confidence in its products, BDCOM offers a lifetime warranty on its entire switching range, whether for a 10G fibre switch or a regular 10/100 PoE switch. 


Another key advantage of a BDCOM solution is its network management software (NMS). An NMS is critical in deciding which solution to choose, as many products are inherently useless without one. BDCOM’s NMS is free and offers web-based management and network-wide remote discovery and configuration of all BDCOM’s devices, such as OLTs, ONUs, and switches, also encompassing VLANs, flow control, addresses, port protection and ACLs.


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