SS Connect Perfect Budget Connectivity Platform

SS Connect Budget Connectivity Solution


The perfect connectivity platform for budget-conscious SMMEs

Not every company has an enterprise-sized budget when it comes to telephony. That is why the SS Connect solution from SS Telecoms is perfect for your SMME customers.

An example of power supply will be to plug your ONT/Router power plug into the UPS and use the Stepdown cable to connect your ONT/Router and any other devices (IP camera, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) you may want to connect to the UPS.

Why choose SS Connect?

It’s quick to install, highly affordable and completely brand-agnostic, so you can register any SIP handset brand on the system. The SS Connect platform gives you the tools to offer your SMME customers a number of basic hosted PBX features that include calling, transferring and setting up extensions, via the Reseller Portal.

Control everything on the Reseller Portal

As a reseller of SS Connect, you’ll benefit from the easy-to-use Reseller Portal where you will have complete control over all of your customers’ solutions.

The Reseller Portal offers the following features:

    • Company info, invoices, templates and a Web interface
    • Currencies, exchange rates, taxation, e-payment systems
    • Representatives and customers
    • CC staff and staff reports
    • xDR browser, customer xDRs, custom reports
    • Tarrifs, volume discount plans, bundle promotions, subscription plans
    • CPE profiles and inventory, SIM card inventory, DID inventory
    • Geo/risk profiles and spending plans.


Compliant call recording

One of the great features of SS Connect is that it provides customers with a call
recording facility for complete peace of mind and guaranteed security.

Some of the features include:

  • SSL security
  • Mobile compatible
  • 99.99% availability
  • Cloud storage for backups
  • Audit trail with logs
  • Live call statistics
  • All calls securely recorded with advanced security and a 256-bit AES encryption

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