SS Telecoms & Huawei Cloud Featured in Brainstorm Magazine

SST and Huawei Featured in Brainstorm Magazine

As an organisation that is deeply committed to its partners, Huawei also understands that these same partners play a key role in making the
company’s cloud platform even stronger, says Michael Langeveld, Huawei’s vice president for Cloud Africa, as they add their own unique technologies to it. ‘’This unique combination of Huawei Cloud platform and our various partners’ technologies enables us to leverage a synergy that ultimately enables us to solve the end-customers’ challenges, by working closely together. In fact, we take things a step further, by making the effort ourselves to sell their solutions to our other customers as well,” he says.

“Huawei understands not only the importance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to the growth of the economy, but also the need to provide a boost to previously disadvantaged businesses. We aim to empower small, indigenous companies to compete with much larger players, by enabling them to offer – at a more affordable price – those services that are in massive demand.”

SS Telecoms is exactly the kind of smaller enterprise that Huawei partners with in this regard, namely a company of under 50 people that is, at its core, a voice and data Value Added Distributor with exceptional technical skills. Despite its small size, the company has a national footprint.