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About Teltonika

Teltonika offers simple and affordable IoT connectivity solutions that will open a whole world of possibilities that you’ve never even thought of, all using an infrastructure that’s already in place and accessible in almost 100% of South Africa – the existing 3G/LTE networks. 


Who is Teltonika?


Teltonika designs and manufactures high-quality Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions that opens a whole new world of possibilities, all using an infrastructure that’s already in place and accessible in almost 100% of Southern Africa – the existing 3G/4G mobile networks.


Teltonika is divided into three visions, Teltonika Networks, Teltonika Telematics and Teltonika Smart Autonomous solutions. The Teltonika Group is industry-leaders in IoT and their solutions deliver connectivity for a vast range of fixed and mobile applications, from laptops, to cellphones, to small sensors used to monitor things such as gas levels, vehicle tracking, temperature, soil moisture levels and much more. 


History of Teltonika


Teltonika has over 22 years’ experience within the IoT Industry and their solutions are being used in over 132 different countries. Teltonika IoT Group has several different companies under its umbrella, these different Teltonika companies are specialists in their respective fields, such as Networking, Smart Autonomous Solutions (SAS) and Telematics. Teltonika also offers phenomenal Use Cases for all of their products and with their software solutions such as Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) and Teltonika automatic firmware and device configuration tool, FOTA Web, their products are not only very well priced but can be applied to any industry, remotely. 


Advantages of using Teltonika


Since day one Teltonika has focused on building reliable products. As a result of this their hardware is built with reliability in mind, with many of their product lines classified as industrial grade, you can be sure that their products will not need any frequent rebooting and replacement. To make life easier, Teltonika’s Remote Management System (RMS) is an IoT platform designed for remote monitoring and management of Teltonika RUT, RUTX and TRB devices. This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can monitor and manage your devices without having to send Technicians to the site. This makes installation, configuration and deployment the only real work, thereafter, using the RMS platform saves time and money.

View The Products

Teltonika Industrial LTE Wi-Fi IoT Router with VPN and I/O


Teltonika Industrial LTE Wi-Fi IoT Router 


Teltonika Industrial LTE Wi-Fi Router with VPN, I/O and GPS


Teltonika Personal Tracker 


Teltonika Autonomous Personal Tracker


Teltonika Industrial Ethernet Router


Teltonika 5-port Industrial Gigabit PoE Switch


Teltonika 5-port Industrial Gigabit Switch


Teltonika 8 Port Industrial Gigabit Switch


Teltonika FAQ's

Register with SS Telecoms here and download their complete Teltonika price list.

Most Teltonika devices work with our SS Telecoms’s Acconet ethernet cable, click here to see the range of Acconet cable available.

You can visit click here or you can learn more on the Teltonika Wiki Knowledge platform.


You will find technical information resources related to Teltonika’s range of products. Visitors are also free to contribute to improving the documentation, even without having to log in. Your edits will be submitted for review and, if they are correct and useful, they will be approved and made visible to all users;

You can download the latest Teltonika firmware from the FW & SDK Downloads page on the Teltonika website. You can also find ‘Firmware Downloads’ for all devices in their respective Wiki pages. Example path:


Main Page → RUT Routers → RUT955 → RUT955 Firmware Downloads

A Troubleshoot file contains a device’s event logs, configuration files and other info useful for diagnostics. It can be downloaded from your device’s WebUI, Troubleshoot page:


System → Administration → Troubleshoot


If you have encountered an issue and plan on contacting technical support, it is usually a good idea to include a Troubleshoot file along with a description of the issue. Doing this can speed up the support process significantly.

Power usage measurement results for all devices can be found in the Power Consumption page.

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