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Senzo Electronics UPS

B600 Mini In-Line UPS

Connection to power supply and output to devices

B600 Mini In-Line UPS
B600 Micro In-Line UPS Power Supply

Connections to Power Supply & Output to Devices

The B600 Mini In-Line UPS is powered by the standard 12V (up to 2.5A) Power Supply Unit supplied with your ONT / Router.

As the Power Supply will no longer be required to power up the Router / ONT directly, it can now be used to Power the B600 Mini In-Line UPS, therefore no need to incur any
additional cost to purchase a new power supply.

The B600 Mini In-Line UPS comes standard supplied with 1 x Stepdown cable
and 2 x 2.1mm to 2.5mm adaptors. The adaptors might be required depending
on the Router and ONT used.


Power Flow During Surges

Refined & Filtered Power Supply

Instant Power During Power Interruptions

When using the B600 Mini In-Line UPS, the voltage that passes from the main electrical lines to your devices is consistent and stable.

This protects your connected devices from power surges, which occurs when the voltage from the supply source suddenly rises.

In the event of a power outage or load shedding switchover to the B600 Mini In-Line UPS backup power is automatic and instantaneous.

It normalises power levels so that your Internet & Wi-Fi devices are protected against dips and spikes caused by lightning or an abnormal power supply that usually comes from restored power after lengthy power interruptions. The B600 Mini In-Line UPS guarantees your business / residential connection for 4 to 10 hours (dependent on the number of connected devices).

The B600 Mini In-Line UPS is designed as in-line therefore no disruption when any power related loss applies.