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The LinkQnet Line Interactive UPS Series

Featuring a smart microprocessor control design, AVR Boost and Buck, Smart RS232/USB Interface and Cold Start Function. A cost-effective solution to your mission-critical PC and valuable peripherals.

Features - Linkqnet 3000VA UPS / UPS-INT-2000VA-LQ-K

AVR Boost and Buel LCD Displays (2KVA & 3KVA models) Smart RS232/USB Interface for Power Management
Automatically corrects either under voltage
or over-voltage condition without
unnecessary battery drain, extending the
life of the battery.
A comprehensive graphic display provides an easy-to-read status report, such as
input and output voltage, load level, battery level, etc.
Supports real-time power and UPS status monitoring.
Automatic shut-down, scheduling and many other advance power management functions.
Compatible with Generator Set Fastest Charging Capacity Modem/LAN Internet Protection
The LinkQnet Line Interactive UPS Series
supports a wide range voltage input to accommodate various generator sets.
With a powerful built-in charge, the UPS can be fully charged back to 90% within 6-8 hours. Protects the Modem/LAN against spike or surge
coming through network or telephone wires.
Built-in Self-diagnostic Function Cold Start Function Auto Charging in Off Mode
May execute automatically upon power on or software control. Aids users in turning the UPS on without connecting the utility. The battery can be charged continuously even while the UPS is in off mode.