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VARS PRODUCTS (Value Added Resellers)

Working closely with our resellers, our engineering team has been designing and developing telephony products to meet their diverse and unique communication needs. We offer installation and on-site, or telephonic, support to our resellers through a customised SLA and all support services are available to our resellers on a national basis. For convenience and efficiency in product rentals, we have developed a financing model specifically with our resellers in mind, giving them immediate access to eight funding options. We take pride in the services we provide for our resellers who require customised solutions that utilises our particular engineering and technical expertise.


Is poor voice quality, voice ready networks, solutions planning and development, and customised unique solution design keeping you up at night? SS Telecoms ensures that your environment is ready. We conduct thorough environmental and voice readiness tests and help you choose the right last mile connectivity. We have the expertise and skill necessary to ensure successful deployment and continuous scalability. We offer customised solution design according your unique needs, as well as ongoing post installation support and training. We have the ability to define and determine the best possible product for your unique environment. This could be either a hosted product (private cloud), or a PBX placed in your offices (premise-based environment).


Any organisation’s contact or call centre is of vital importance to the success of the organisation, because in most cases it is one of the primary ways in which customers engage with the brand, making it one of the key touch points of any business. SS Telecoms enables ease of deployment of a sophisticated solution, giving customers peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their business, and not on deploying contact centers in their server environment. That’s right, we’ve got this covered! Talk to us.


Your customers don’t have to place unnecessary, additional stress on their support resources when they implement their UCaaS strategy. We understand that integration into their business processes is important to them and that they want their UCaaS solution to work smoothly with their back office. That’s why we’ve appointed highly skilled and certified partners to architect and deploy sophisticated custom solutions. Continuous support and training provided by SS Telecoms ensures successful partner growth, because we ensure our partners stay current in terms of certification and training.


Building the right wireless solution is not as straight-forward as it may seem. The devil is literally in the details, ranging from line of site surveys, interference of channels – frequency channel spacing & bandwidth calculation, how to calculate data loss, to quality of service – mixing critical with non-critical environments (voice vs data and latency). SS Telecoms offers the right product matched with the right skills to deploy both indoor and outdoor wireless solutions, pre-installation configuration, post-installation configuration support, as well as ongoing support and training through certified training programs.


Any organisation’s contact or call centre is of vital importance to the success of the organisation, because in most cases it is one of the primary ways in which customers engage with the brand, making it one of the key touch-points of any business. Talk to us and find out how we can help you realise the contact centre dream in your mind. With thought-leadership through partner interaction, guiding, training and providing solutions architect techniques to partners wanting to enter the contact center market, we help you execute your vision!


When it comes to the hospitality industry, repeat business matters – a lot, and repeat business comes from happy customers! Whether it is a hotel, or a guest house, or any business offering guest marketing services, customer satisfaction is extremely important. For customer experience to be enhanced, businesses in the hospitality industry require a sophisticated, user-friendly communication solution that integrates seamlessly into the business processes, supports employees in their day-to-day tasks, increases productivity & service quality, while at the same time keep operational expenses to the minimum. The solution must enable employees to perform tasks efficiently and quickly, to have more time available to tend to guests and cater for their needs, resulting in enhanced customer experiences, which will lead to return business! SS Telecoms provides the software and sophisticated solutions to ensure optimal customer experiences in the hospitality industry. Talk to us now and take your customer satisfaction rating to the next level!