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Why Wireless is The Perfect Last-Mile Solution For Fibre Service Providers

Fibre ISPs are going wireless for their last-mile connectivity to reach clients faster than ever before. Both large and small ISPs are realising that wireless is a valid solution for last-mile broadband. The latest last-mile wireless solutions available from SS Telecoms enables fibre ISPs to get their clients connected much faster and at a competitively low cost.


When using fibre to backhaul your data, solutions such as Cambium Networks’ ePMP 3000L or MP3000 MicroPOP base station, bundled with the new ePMP Force 300-13L ac Wave 2 subscriber module, offer ISPs a truly cost-effective way to fill in the gaps in their network and connect clients in record time.


By evaluating the number of available subscribers in each coverage area and the range to each customer from the fibre point-of-presence (POP), service providers can model the cost and time of deploying a hybrid network. With no long wayleave application waiting times or invasive trenching, ISPs can connect more customers quicker, and still deliver the high bandwidth, low latency connections normally synonymous with pure fibre networks.


When rolling out a hybrid network, managing the outdoor wireless component becomes top of mind. This is where Cambium Networks’ revolutionary cloud-based management platform, cnMaestro, comes into play, offering full network visibility from a single pane of glass. This applies both to Cambium Networks’ outdoor wireless equipment and its enterprise and residential Wi-Fi solution, cnPilot. This makes Cambium wireless products, such as the cnPilot R195 dual-band Wi-Fi router, an ideal solution for ISPs to manage performance and troubleshoot issues for their clients’ Wi-Fi remotely. This means reduced call outs, fewer support desk calls, an overall reduction in operating expenses, and most importantly – happy customers.


Whether the long-term plan is to go full-on fibre or to run a hybrid fibre with a wireless last-mile network, Cambium’s wireless solutions allow you to get to your clients while you are waiting for wayleaves to be approved and trenches to be dug.

Cambium’s powerful wireless fabric combined with SS Telecom’s network design expertise, technical support, training and finance solutions is the definition of a winning combination for any ISP looking to impress its customers. Get in touch with an SS Telecoms expert and discover how Cambium Networks can speed up your fibre deployments.