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Yealink Products From a Trusted Supplier

For years there have been front-runners in the IP networking industry. These manufacturers have combined years’ worth of research and development, market research and customer feedback to deliver exceptional products that help build great ICT businesses. Yealink is the forerunner for Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions worldwide. Their products have been used in many industries spanning several countries, ensuring thousands of happy, communicating customers.


With VoIP having seen significant technological transformations, manufacturers have had to adapt their solutions to meet the desires of the hybrid workforce, converging their systems into one unified communications network. Yealink’s unified communication solutions is what every business needs to grow.


Yealink is a leading global provider of enterprise unified communication systems and collaboration solutions. Since it arrived in South Africa, Yealink has connected thousands of businesses with VoIP systems and the finest IP communication solutions at an excellent price point, partnering with value-added distributors like SS Telecoms to ensure local stockholding and technical support.


The benefits of using Yealink solutions:


  1. Integration with Zoom Rooms
    Yealink’s easy-to-deploy Zoom Room kit (mini-PC, camera, audio devices, and licensing) provides a comprehensive solution with three product lines: desktop phones, DECT phones, and conferencing phones. All of these offer the best-personalized collaboration experience for businesses of all sizes while allowing both in-room and remote participants to connect. The IP phones offer users zero-touch provisioning, ensuring staff can set up and start working instantaneously.
  2. Voice communication solutions
    Yealink’s voice portfolio provides convenient communication and collaboration solutions with easy-to-use phones, supporting multiple applications, office software integration and support for remote workers. Yealink designs phones specifically for modern offices, which comprise a high-definition LCD touch screen, offering optimal user experience.
  3. Microsoft business solutions
    Yealink offers certified Microsoft Teams desk phones that provide users with the best Microsoft Teams experience. These devices are perfectly designed for offices, open work spaces, and large conference rooms.
  4. Flexible for multiple business types
    Yealink supports cross-functional businesses, regardless of capacity. Ranging from hotels, warehousing and logistics and traditional office work spaces. With Yealink, these businesses can receive highly competitive, easy-to-use and cost-effective video conferencing solutions that fit their communication desires. Internet Telephone Service Providers (ITSP)s and Voice solution providers can connect businesses of any size with Yealink.


Through SS Telecoms, we offer you world-call VoIP solutions from a dependable brand bought from a trusted local supplier. Our team of experts can assist you in finding the right product mix for your business.


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