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Ranked number one in the global market share of SIP phone shipments, Yealink is a global provider of user-friendly, innovative and prime quality video conferencing, voice communications and collaboration solutions.

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Mid-Level IP DECT phone + base station


Gigabit IP Phone, Dual USB Ports and 4.3″ Colour LCD


Medium/Large Boardroom Android IP Conference Phone


Gigabit Colour Screen Desktop IP Phone (Excludes PSU)


Premium Range IP DECT Base Station with W56H Handset


Advanced Gigabit IP Phone With Dual USB Ports


Mid-Range IP DECT Handset


Gigabit IP Phone with Touch LCD and Dual USB Ports




Yealink Classic Gigabit IP Phone


Yealink Classic IP Phone


Touch-sensitive HD IP Conference Phone


Flagship Smart Video Phone


Yealink FAQ's

Yealink RPS enables mass deployments in seconds. It allows the customer to register or upload the MAC addresses of their Yealink VoIP phones on Yealink’s RPS server, assigning a redirection URL that points to the Auto Provisioning Server. RPS is a free service for Yealink customers all over the world.

1. Get the IP address from the phone and enter the IP address into a web browser. You will need to enter the IP address into the web browser – this should take you to the login screen. 

2. For the username enter ‘admin’ 

3. For the password enter ‘admin’ 

You will then be logged into the Yealink web interface.

  1. Go to Menu > Basic > Wi-Fi. On Yealink T53, go to Menu > Settings > Basic Settings > Wi-Fi.
  2. Choose [x] Available Network[s], “x” being the number of available networks.
  3. Choose Enter.
  4. Choose the desired Wi-Fi network.
  5. Choose Connect.
  6. Enter the password.
  7. Choose Ok.

The default username and password is – admin

1. Press the Menu icon then select Status. 

2. The IP address should be shown on the first line labelled IPv4

1. It could be due to network unavailability.

2. Your SIP account could have been registered unsuccessfully.



1. Please make sure the network is available. Press the OK key to check whether the phone obtains an IP address.

2. Please double check if you register the account successfully. 


 If you don’t know the information of the SIP account, please ask one of SS Telecoms’ IT technicians to assist. 

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