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Yeastar helps businesses realise digital values by making communications and workplace solutions easily accessible from ownership and adoption to daily usage and management. Yeastar has established itself as a leading provider of UC solutions with a global partner network and over 350,000 customers worldwide. Committed to delivering the right technology to value-oriented businesses, Yeastar offers products and services for UC & C, workplace scheduling, and hybrid workplace to enable them to win in the modern digital world.

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Yeastar 8*FXS Ports


Yeastar 4*FXO Ports


Yeastar 8*FXO Ports


Yeastar S2 Module
(2 FXS port)


Yeastar O2 Module
(2 FXO Port)


Yeastar GSM Module
(1 SIM Port)


Yeastar 4x FXS Ports


Yeastar P560 VoIP PBX Phone System


Yeastar P570 VoIP PBX Phone System


Yeastar P550 VoIP PBX Phone System


Yeastar 8x GSM Ports


Yeastar 4x GSM


Yeastar EX30 Expansion Span 1 E1/T1 PRI Port


Yeastar YST-D30 DSP User and Call Expansion Module for S100 S300


Yeastar FAQs

The default IP address is

The default username and password of TG Series are:
Username: admin
Password: password

Yes, you can send SMS on TG Series Web GUI. The sent SMS can be checked on “Outbox” page.

Yes, you can send SMS to multiple destinations on TG Series Web GUI. You can type multiple desired numbers as the destination or simply click “Add Contacts” to select the contacts.

Yes, you can check the received SMS on TG Series “Inbox” page.

NeoGate TA supports OpenVPN. Please check the how-to guide.

TA Series supports the following codecs: G711 (u-law, a-law), GSM, G722, G723, G726, G729A, ADPCM

Dozens. The three most common applications include:
1) PSTN connectivity for your VoIP phone system
2) Connecting traditional telephones to your VoIP phone system
3) VoIP connectivity for your traditional PBX system

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